Homely Care for your Pet assured at Reliable Dog Kennels in Pune!

If you are looking for best dog kennels in Pune or are hunting for dog sitters near you, you have landed at the right page.

Woofbnb is one of the leading dog kennels boarding with number of valuable services for your dog. Make your dog smile and relish our expert pet care with host of incredible benefits in our service assortment:

Best Dog Boarding in Pune:

  • Quality dog daycare available whenever you are away home.
  • Excellent accommodation for your dog.
  • Active routine to maintain dog’s good health
  • A daily schedule which includes dog exercises by trainers.
  • Appropriate breeding arranged for the dog.

Precisely speaking, Woofbnb is a place which has the best of facilities and resources which a professionally managed boarding for dogs must ideally have.

That’s not all! We got more exciting offerings for you.

Incredible Dog Grooming in Pune:

Haven’t you always wondered if you can get proficient and affordable dog grooming for your pet?

Woofbnb is particularly recognized amongst all dog kennels in Pune for its outstanding dog grooming services. It has numerous attributes aptly matching the needs of your dog.

Multiple grooming packages available.

  • Basic package includes shampoo, conditioning, ear cleaning and nail trimming
  • Ultra package includes teeth cleaning and tick removal in addition to the features of Basic.
  • Full grooming package also adds hair trimming along with the above.
  • High quality of shampoo and conditioner is used.
  • Expert consultation also available for the dog’s grooming needs.

Woofbnb is an agency which believes its dog daycare is another home for your pet. It has designed and developed services pertinently complement with your dog.

Trustworthy Dog Sitting in Pune:


Woofbnb is one of its kinds of dog kennels in Pune where you can find out a sitter yourself.
Some clear and noteworthy advantages of our dog sitting service are worth your view:

  • Choose dog sitter from a list of numerous experienced, verified and insured dog sitters.
  • Booking of the dog sitter possible through our website.
  • House check done to acquaint with the dog owner’s environment.
  • Abundant love and care provided to keep your pet happy always.

Look – you get a rare bonus advantage at Woofbnb in this regard!

100% money back guarantee!

If you are not satisfied with our dog sitters or their service, we protect your interest by way of this guarantee.

We reiterate that a reliable pet sitter is like a trustworthy family member or friend for your dog and we live with it!

Expert Vet Services in Pune:

Our dog care is never complete without a local vet and that’s why, Woofbnb delivers most superior dog daycare service to all kinds of dogs.

Numerous experienced veterinary doctors have been listed with us to render world-class vet services.

This is a clear indication and an assurance that your dog is clinically safe at our dog boarding kennel and we take all necessary measures for the dog’s health and betterment.

To access our dog daycare or know more about any of our services, write to us at, or browse through our website.